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Modern girl’s guide to announce engagement

He finally popped the question? You are an engaged woman now! Congratulations!
In this first moments of excitement you most probably want to share your joy with the whole world. So you take out your phone, open Snapchat, point the camera at the sparkly gem on your finger and...we have to stop you here. Do you really want your mum to learn that you, her daughter, is getting married from Snapchat? Fair enough, your mum doesn’t use Snapchat. But imagine: your cousin sees, then tells your aunt, who calls your mum to congratulate, and your mum doesn’t know yet? We can assure you- big drama "!",

So unless your parents are the witnesses to the proposal, they should be the first ones to be informed. The best way would be to tell them face-to-face. But if you can’t, pass on the message and put further spreading the joy on hold until they have time to respond.
When parents are aware of your happy news, you can tell your siblings. Ideally you should tell them at the same time as parents, face-to-face, but in this case a text or call will do as well.
The third in line are your cousins and closest friends.
Make sure to text everyone and don’t forget anyone. You don’t want your happiness turning into drama and a friend into nemesis. Letting people know is like letting them know that they are important to you.
When all important people in your life are informed and had a chance to congratulate you, it is the time to show of your ring. There is a little science to taking a perfect engagement selfie. After all it is THE first time you show your ring in public.

First of all- make sure that your manicure is in good shape. Chipped nails or dry cuticles won’t add charm and they will definitely steal the spotlight from your sparkly diamonds. No time to fix? That’s not a problem, just position your hand so that your fingertips won’t show.
Second of all, find a good light, to show the full sparkle potential of your gem. Third of all, get a good background. A good background is plain, with no clutter, after all you don’t any anything dragging attention from your engagement ring.
Once ready- snap, share and enjoy!

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