The art of buying a wedding dress

The art of buying a wedding dress

Before the big day approaches you have to take few important decisions. One of them, particularly important- what are you going to wear? You probably already spent hours on the internet looking at wedding dresses and you very well know what you want...or at least what you don’t know. Although, let’s be honest, we all know what our wedding dress should look like since forever.

To get this perfect wedding dress, first you need to get a little reality check. Ask yourself: if what you want is REALLY what you want? Basically it means that what you REALLY want is to look your best, but your chosen style might be just wrong for you. If it is the case, don’t give up. Keep searching. There are thousands of wedding dress designs and one of them has your name on it.
You might be tempted to buy your dress online, but you shouldn’t. Why? We all know plenty of people who buy their clothes online, even wedding dresses and they look perfect. Well, they are just lucky. You don’t want to take any chances with your special gown. What you see on a smiling model, might be something completely different than what you find in the package. And on top of that, you can’t try it, until you actually paid for it.

In order to have a wedding dress that you like, that is flattering and comfortable (don’t forget that you will be wearing it for a looong time) you need to put it on, see yourself in a mirror and see how freely you can move around in it. You might want to be able to breathe as well.
The best idea is to visit several bridal stores. Which can be very fun. Invite your girlfriends and make an afternoon of it.

Before you embark on this journey, remember these two things. First of all, don’t starve yourself before wedding dress hunt. Ok, you are going to lose weight before the big day anyway. Of course, but remember that the dress can be adjusted even a day before your wedding, so when the time comes it will fit perfectly. Second of all, your biggest ally will be that brutally honest friend. She will tell you the things that others might only think, and not the nice ones.
Another thing is picking the dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident, follow your everyday style. Don’t show off too much skin if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t go for a an elaborate ball gown if you are a tomboy type of a girl. As a precaution: a girl we know looked like a movie star at her wedding: the hair, the makeup, THE DRESS. But she just wasn’t her. If you would look at her wedding pictures, every time is is hiding: behind the cake, table or her husband.

Remembering all of our tips, you are sorted. Have a fruitful hunting :).

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